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D D Instruments is the nationally recognized leader for repairing, manufacturing and distributing Expello electronic drain valves
Offering You the best in Expello Electronic and Pneumatic Drain Valves!

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Expello Electronic Drain Valves by D&D Instruments

Expello electronic drain valves from DDI

Electric Pneumatic Actuated Expello Drain Valves
for Electronic Instrument Cluster Repairs

Whether you are looking for an Electric Expello Drain Valve 995116 24V, a Horton 995108 Expello Pneumatic Drain Valve - 24VDCor another one, D&D Instruments has got your vehicle covered!

We know it is critical to have dependable parts when operating your vehicle.  You can avoid both risks and inconveniences when driving by counting on our Expello automatic drain valves.

Expello Electronic Drain Valves and Expello Pneumatic Drain Valves are both comprised of a top-notch heavy-duty coil, a long-life timer with built-in surge protection and a 50 watt thermostatically controlled heater that doesn't draw current unless the temperature falls under 45 degrees Fahrenheit. All components of your Expello Electronic Drain Valve are covered by our industry leading one - year unlimited
mileage warranty.


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Learn why you should buy direct from us to obtain improved Expello drain valves

D&D Instruments will fill your Expello drain valve order in remarkable turnaround time. Typically, we can accomplish it in less than 3 business days, many are same day service.

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Here’s How You Can Benefit by What We Offer:

EXPELLO Electronic Instrument Cluster Repair


If your business needs to rely on quality drain valves, then we have the products you are seeking. D&D Instruments Expello drain values are a nationally recognized brand that symbolized trust and road safety. The Expello Electronic Drain Valve provides increased durability and reliability for constant protection from build-up of harmful contaminants in air tanks on trucks, trailers, buses, RV's and other vehicles.


We put quality and safely first at a great price point. We make it a simply process to place your Expello electronic drain valve order to precisely fit your vehicle make, and model. Contact D&D Instruments today and find out for yourself that our exceptional services are offered at exceptional price points.


We'll surpass your expectations, when you make the choice to take advantage of our expertise at D&D Instruments. Expello air products, like our EXPELLO Air Brake Heated Pneumatic Drain Valve, are manufactured at D&D Instruments headquarters' in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



We are the leading U.S. professionals who have years of experience providing top quality improved Expello electronic drain values quickly and correctly to get your order to you fast! D & D Instruments can be your nationally recognized leader too - enjoy our hassle-free shipping labels.

D&D Instruments extensive experience, skill, and available parts will complete your order for an Expello drain valve the first go at it,along with our top rated customer service. Typically, we complete the process in less than 4 days. Same day turn turnaround time is possible on most orders, excluding shipping time.


At D&D Instruments we prioritize quality parts and customer service. We are passionate about producing and servicing our new Expello drain electronic drain valves. Buy your auto parts and Expello electronic instrument cluster repair service direct from DDI and save.

Call us for a drain value inspection if you've noticed any of the following behaviors on your vehicle:
* Noise
* Vibration
* Truck or bus brake drum damage
* Evidenced of cylinder corrosion
* Sticking valves


* Expello air tanks offer durable air system protection
* Reduces contamination in air tanks on trucks, buses, trailers, RV's and more
* Extends the service life of air-operated components
* The Expello drain valve connection reduces air leaks
* Easy install

We both test and diagnose Expello drain valve problems quickly to ensure you of a quality experience. With our premium Expello drain valves, you and the lives dependent on your driving can rest assured on the road. Get your prepaid UPS Shipping Label - ship your unit to us for repair today!

We easily handle timely shipping of Expello electronic drain values for entire fleets of trucks and buses.For immediate answers to your questions or to buy Expello air products, contact us at 888-208-5664 or email

Buy Expello electronic drain valves

Buy EXPELLO Electronic Drain Valves

Automatic Reservoir Drain Valves

Whether you are looking for an Electric Expello Drain Valve 995116 24V, a Horton 995108 Expello Pneumatic Drain Valve - 24VDC, or another one, D&D Instruments has got your vehicle covered!

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