Why Choose a Chevy Instrument Cluster Repair Service?

General Motors has been building automobiles and light trucks for over ninety years. The Chevy Bowtie Division is the largest producer of cars and light trucks using the Chevy brand. Like everything under the sun made by people, things can go wrong and need repair. Lately, drivers of 2003 to 2006 Chevys discovered that sad fact. One or more of their instruments in the dash were not working correctly.

Should You Repair the Individual Gauge or Replace the Entire Instrument Cluster?

Mechanics agree that it is up to the consumer. It may appear to be cheaper to repair the individual gauge as the problem arises. What the consumer may not know is that the entire dash has to be dismantled to get to it. Whether you are seeking a 2007 Chevy suburban instrument cluster repair, help fixing 2008 Chevy Silverado instrument cluster problems, a 95 Chevy Silverado speedometer repair, a 2007 Chevy Tahoe instrument cluster repair, or something similar - we can help!

Modern assembly lines find it is faster to install an entire instrument cluster than individual gauges. This saves time on the assembly and reduces cost per unit. The instrument cluster is manufactured in a separate plant and shipped to the auto assembly line.

Sometimes It Appears the Car was Built Around the Instrument Cluster

When disassembling the instrument cluster, it can be a time consuming task to reach the one instrument gauge that needs repair and could take hours and hours to find the problem. At $75 to $150 an hour, that cost can increase fast! Also, there is no guarantee, for example,   that no  other instrument gauge on your Chevy Silverado will not malfunction later. That is what is happening to the 03 to 06 model year. The instrument panel is simply unreliable.

Recommended Solution

The Chevy Instrument Cluster repair is a remanufactured unit with every instrument gauge repaired, replaced and calibrated for accuracy. The entire unit is cost effective and the assembly is comparable to the GM assembly line installation. You can reduce your labor costs and the amount of time you end up waiting for the repair to be completed.

At D&D Instruments, every Chevy instrument cluster repair is remanufactured and backed by a full one-year warranty. Shipping is free both ways and customer service is outstanding. Why take a chance on haphazard repairs on each gauge, only to have another one malfunction? Fix the entire unit and achieve peace of mind.

"Chevrolet wanted $589 to put a rebuilt instrument cluster which takes about 30 min to take off and install. So, I took it off in 15 min. and took it to D&D instruments. They had it rebuilt within 1 hour. I installed it within 15 minutes and its working great. Great customer service." ~ Hugo A.

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