fast gauge cluster repair and restoration

Fast Gauge Cluster Repair and Restoration

Get Your Auto Gauges Repaired and Functioning Perfectly

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D&D Instruments Auto Parts - Servicing Instrument Cluster Repairs & Auto Gauge Restorations, Minneapolis MN
We make it simple to repair your auto cluster instead of purchasing a new one...

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With our auto gauge cluster repair services, we fix clusters that are no longer able to be purchased.

Restore your gauge cluster and save the cost of a new one!

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17 Years of Auto Gauge Cluster Repairs and Satisfied Clients!

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fast gauge cluster repairs from D & D Instruments

You Can Count on Fast Gauge Cluster Repair and Restoration Servfices From DDI

A national leader in vehicle instrument repair and auto gauge cluster rebuilds


A website is tailored to offer you a vast auto cluster knowledge base cucked full of useful material. Your success is our success. With a remanufactured international instrument cluster guru serving you, you can rest assured of our quality in every aspect. You could go somewhere else, however, you can gain what you need with D&D Instruments and have your answers in hand at a fraction of the cost!


If your auto cluster is working intermittently or completely failing, we have the quality remanufactured cluster you can count on. Whether you are seeking a 2005 Chevy Silverado instrument cluster repair, a 2007 Ford instrument cluster, or a 2003 Chevy cluster renovation, we can quickly meet these challenges with the proper product.

Find Gauge Cluster Repair Services by Brand

* Ford Gauge Cluster Repairs and Restoration
* Audi Dashboard Cluster Repairs
* GM Auto Cluster Repairs and Restoration
* Chevy Instrument Cluster Repairs


When your workflow demands fast and dependable GM instrument cluster repair, a GM speedometer repair, or a remanufactures Audi instrument cluster, choosing a business who delivers on quality is key to your success. It may well differentiate you from your competitors. D&D Instruments quality remanufactured auto clusters mean fewer you potential delays and challenges.  


Having your auto cluster fixed and in-hand when you need it makes it possible to complete your International instrument cluster installed quickly and correctly during the first effort! D & D Instruments can be your nationally recognized leader in repairing, manufacturing and distributing auto instrument clusters, remanufactured instrument clusters. Services include: Speedometer Repair, Tachometer Repair, Instrument Services, Car Clock Repair, Car Clock Parts, Instrument Clusters, Classic Car Gauges

D&D Instruments extensive experience, skill, and available parts will complete your auto cluster repair-rebuild the first go at it, along with our top rated customer service. Typically, we can accomplish this in less than 4 days. Many are same day service, excluding shipping time.

For answers to all your questions,  call 888-208-5664 or email us at

Chevy Gauge Cluster Repair

Fast Gauge Cluster Repair and Restoration

Effective Automotive Gauge Cluster Parts

Get your auto gauges repaired and functioning perfectly. Request an estimate if you want a fast Gauge cluster repair or restoration. Gauge cluster restorations from D&D Instruments, Minneapolis MN. A national leader in vehicle instrument repair and auto gauge cluster rebuilds.

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