Are You in Need of an Auto Cluster Repair or Searching For a Remanufactured International Instrument Cluster?

Auto Cluster Repair

When choosing a company for dash cluster repair or gauge cluster repair service, you want one that understands the problem, has had extensive experience with every type of auto cluster, has seen your problem many times before, will fix it totally and completely the first time …and will do it for a fair price. Whether you’re in need of Chevy instrument cluster repair, gauge repair service, or 2004 Silverado instrument cluster restoration, D&D Instruments can assist you. We also specialize in GM, and provide GM cluster repair and GM gauge repair at affordable rates.

repairing a clusterHow do you choose the right auto cluster repair company?

With an auto cluster repair company, you are looking for a swift, efficient, and cost effective solution to fix your Kenworth speedometer, Silverado instrument cluster, or other form of gadget or cluster. You can opt for a rebuilt instrument cluster or instrument cluster replacement, rather than having to spend the money to purchase a new auto cluster. But how do you make sure you choose a company that you can trust?


You begin by educating yourself on all of your options, and make sure you ask the right questions. To learn the “5 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Repair Company,” and additional information about auto cluster repair … along with details about our instrument cluster repair solutions,

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Remanufactured International Instrument Clusters


Remanufactured International instrument clusters

Do you have gauges that are working intermittently … or not at all? Are the dash lights not working on the instrument panel? Whether you require 2003 Chevy Silverado instrument cluster restoration, Ford instrument cluster repair, or Chevy cluster repair, these are common problems that can be corrected with the purchase of a remanufactured international instrument cluster.


Why buy a new one when you can Save 50% with a remanufactured International instrument cluster?

Our remanufactured International instrument clusters are easy to install need absolutely no programming, and will save you 50% over purchasing new international instrument clusters. With a remanufactured international instrument cluster you get all the quality, the same warranty as a new one … at half the price!

Major parts dealers around the country sell our remanufactured International Instrument Clusters – instead of new ones!

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D & D Instruments

When you need GM instrument cluster repair, GM speedometer repair, or Audi instrument cluster repair, choosing the right company is important. It can be the difference between a successful repair and one that causes you additional headaches and problems. Having your auto cluster repaired and your International instrument cluster installed quickly and right the first time is something you should demand! D & D Instruments is the nationally recognized leader in repairing, manufacturing and distributing auto instrument clusters, remanufactured instrument clusters … along with Expello Drain Valves, 5” Kenworth Speedometers, and other switches, gauges and parts.

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