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We apologize for the inconvenience, re-manufactured GM Clusters are temporarily unavailable.

Re-manufactured Cluster

Order form for a GM Re-manufactured Cluster

  • Please enter vehicles current mileage. (Documentation supporting mileage must be included.)
  • Please enter complete VIN.
  • Please enter part number.
  • Please enter company name.
  • Please enter the address information to where you would like the cluster shipped. (NO PO BOXES, US ONLY.)
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    Please upload a document that verifies mileage stated above is accurate. Examples are registration, oil change/service records, recent bill of sale. (Please contact us with any questions.) Mileage will have to be verified prior to order being processed.
    In accordance with the State of Minnesota Statue 325E.14, servicing of an odometer to an adjust mileage that differs from the actual mileage if unlawful. By supplying an odometer reading and supporting documentation you are agreeing that the mileage is correct for the vehicle/VIN entered above.

Upon verification of information supplied a D&D staff member will contact you to collect payment.  $289.00 will be collected.  ($189.00 for the cluster + a $100.00 core charge.) The core credit will be refunded via same payment method used to pay for your re-manufactured General Motors cluster.

Re-manufactured General Motors Cluster warranty is 12 Months or 12,000 miles which ever comes first.

Thank you