Why You Should Do a GM Instrument Cluster Repair, Rather than a Replacement


Purchasing a new instrument cluster means that the unit has to be configured for your vehicle. This is especially true if you purchase a used unit, since it will already be configured for another vehicle. Getting the cluster programmed to meet your vehicle’s needs will cost you additional money and there is still no guarantee that it will work properly once this has been completed.

New Components for GM Instrument Clusters

When you get your GM instrument cluster repair, the repaired unit will come with updated components. This can help prevent additional problems from occurring, as these new components will take previous issues into account. The new components will not only fix the issues that you have had with your cluster, but will address problems that other users have had as well. Basically, you will be getting an instrument cluster that preemptively deals with other potential problems that would have to be fixed down the line.

Warranty on Your GM Instrument Cluster

It is very rare that a used instrument cluster would come with a warranty, especially if you purchase it on the secondary market. As a result, if the cluster does not work or ends up being incompatible with your vehicle, you could have to replace it again very quickly. In most cases, having a professional rebuild or repair your instrument cluster means that the new parts come with a warranty. Therefore, if these parts break again, you are covered.

Cost of a Remanufactured Instrument Cluster

Buying a new instrument cluster is expensive, so if you can find a service that will repair the one that you already have, you should take advantage of it. In many cases, it can save you as much as 50 percent, making it well worth the time it will take to send your instrument cluster in for a repair.
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