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Remanufactured Instrument Clusters

Save 50% on re-manufactured Navistar International instrument clusters vs buying new.


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With a remanufactured instrument cluster you get all the quality, the same warranty as a new one…at half the price!

About rebuilt instrument clusters for Navistar International trucks & buses

Re-manufactured International Instrument Clusters

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How You Can Benefit From Our Navistar International Parts:

Remanufactured Instrument Clusters & Circuit Boards For International School Buses

We know it is critical to have a dependable instrument cluster on your vehicle's dash board to keep you apprised of all the details while driving your International bus or truck. You can avoid both risks and inconveniences. A faulty instrument cluster can throw you off with unreliable information about your vehicle's operation. Immediate replacement with a remanufactured auto cluster will reinstate your confidence in your vehicle's performance.

If you suspect that your International truck cluster is failing, our experts at D&D Instruments can offer you an alternative to the expense of new parts for a remanufactured International truck instrument cluster or bus cluster. Check out our instrument cluster repair service.

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Replacement circuit boards at a significant savings over replacing the cluster with new.

Testimonials from pleased D&D Clients who used our International Instrument Cluster Repair Services
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We have serviced over 1200 remanufactured clusters with satisfied U.S clients in the last 6 months. D&D Instruments will complete your instrument cluster repair in remarkable turnaround time. Typically, we can accomplish it in less than 3 business days, many are same day service.

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Aftermarket Instrument Clusters We Offer:
Navistar instrument panel repair / remanufactured Navistar International instrument clusters


We repair International Truck intermittent instrument clusters!

If your factory gauges aren’t preforming the way you want, we have the solutions you are looking for. Don't worry— D&D Instruments remanufactured instrument clusters are designed to get you safely back on the road with time to spare. We will make sure that your remanufactured instrument cluster is fully calibrated with your vehicle's VIN and mileage to eliminate your need for a scan tool or dealer programming. Your business can count on our Navistar instrument panel repair service.


We put quality and safely first at a great price point. With top quality parts, your re-manufactures cluster will feature an all-new stepper motor that boasts of the most up-to-date design and features all-new backlight bulbs. We make it a simply process one you indicate your vehicle make, model, VIN, and current mileage when placing your order. Contact D&D Instruments today and step into the luxury of knowing that you are in good hand. You will find that our exceptional services are offered at a fraction of the cost of a new cluster.


When the pace of your output demands fast and dependable remanufactures instrument clusters, a GM speedometer repair, or a remanufactures Audi instrument cluster, choosing a business who delivers on time and with the quality you depend on is key to your success. It may well give you an edge over your competitors. D&D Instrument’s quality remanufactured auto clusters mean less risk of potential delays and waiting for parts or challenges once they arrive. We'll prove to be the best fix to problems with ailing clusters, when you make the choice to take advantage of the expertise at D&D Instruments.


Having your auto cluster fixed and in-hand when you need it makes it possible to complete your remanufactured instrument cluster installed quickly and with precision during your first effort! D & D Instruments can be your nationally recognized leader in re-manufacturing and distributing auto instrument clusters, instrument cluster repair, and remanufactured instrument clusters.

D&D Instruments extensive experience, skill, and available parts willcomplete your remanufactured instrument cluster the first go at it, along with our top rated customer service. Typically, we can accomplish this in less than 4 days. Many are same day service, excluding shipping time. You can count on the quaility of our aftermarket clusters and installation.With our cluster repair service you get OEM parts, professional work, and a year long warranty.


Many vehicle owners of the International brand enjoy their means of transportation without much thought about just how well their instrument clusters are functioning. At D&D Instruments we keep repair services for truck and bus International auto clusters tops of mind. A remanufactured International instrument dash clusters consist of numerous tiny components and intricate wiring that needs the dedicated service from individuals who know just what to fix. Others have counted on our Navistar instrument panel repair services for years - you can too!

Many school bus drivers have determined that the International buses they drive are their favorite because they are dependable, drive well, and have exceptional instrument layout. International chassis on buses and trucks that are serviced with remanufactured parts continue to perform exceptionally well and are regarded as long-lasting.

Call us for a cluster inspection if you've noticed any of the following behaviors on your International bus: it may mean that you need an aftermarket instrument cluster repair:
* Erratic readings
* Failing indicators
* Unresponsive lights
* Instrument cluster is shutting off
* Gauges are sticking

We can diagnose cluster problems quickly, and repair any broken components correctly the first time around. A new cluster costs considerably more; give yourself the benefit of skilled technicians who quickly offer solutions and whose work reflects dedication to precision. With our remanufactured Navistar International truck and bus parts, you – and the lives dependent on your driving can rest assured on the road.

We easily handle remanufactured bus instrument clusters and circuit boards for entire fleets of Navistar International School Buses. Our service includes meticulous detail to the cloning involved when transferring the immobilizer data from you old to your replacement International Navistar cluster.

We look forward to being your auto repair and service provider of choice for your vehicle. Repair International truck instrument clusters with DDI! Click here to contact us or give us a call at 888.208.5664

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Remanufactured Instrument Clusters

Remanufactured International Instrument Cluster Repairs

Save 50% on re-manufactured Navistar International instrument clusters vs buying new. Whether you are seeking an International instrument cluster, circuit boards for International school buses, or Navistar International speedometer solutions – we can help. Join thousands of other owners of International vehicles who rely on dependable Navistar International speedometer solutions from D D Instruments of Minneapolis, MN.

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