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Top-Notch VW Speedometer Repairs & Volkswagen Instrument Cluster Service

Volkswagen instrument cluster repair

How You Can Benefit From Our Experience:
Volkswagen Jetta Speedometer Repairs and More

Volkswagen has well established reputation for crafting sturdy, reliable, high quality automobiles that are built to last. No worries however, if your VDO odometer or the speedometer systems in yourVW breaks down, DDI will repair it!

Regular maintenance and quick repair or replacement of a failing VW instrument cluster speedometer will extend its life and improve the resale value of your vehicle. Additionally, we will check your Volkswagen's engine efficiency and fuel consumption while evaluating and repairing your speedometer.

Please choose your specific Volkswagen model to obtain additional information that will help us ensure you obtain the right part. VW instrument cluster repairs that we service begin with: Beetle, Bug, Volkswagen Jetta, Fox, Passat, and Thing. Whether you’re shopping for a Volkswagen Truck Routan speedometer, a Volkswagen Passat instrument cluster repair, or a Volkswagen Golf R32 Instrument cluster rebuild, getting a Volkswagen speedometer adjustment at your first indication of a malfunction will save money.

You can count of our comprehensive Volkswagen speedometer diagnosis to ensure accuracy before making your VW speedometer adjustment. When your VW speedometer stops working, the problems are easy to fix in the hands of our experienced Volkswagen speedometer repair services.

About D&D Instruments Dependable Services

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D&D Instruments will complete your Volkswagen speedometer repair in remarkable turnaround time. Typically, we can accomplish it in less than 3 business days, many are same day service. We understand how important customer convenience, efficiency and time-management are.

VW speedometer repair

About D&D Instruments

D & D Instruments

Here’s How We Can Assist With Your VW Speedometer Repair:


D&D Instruments services VW cars and trucks to keep them working great as a loved means of transportation. Age and use may contribute overtime to wear and tear that causes speedometer squeaks. We see this more often when a lack of sufficient lubrication leads to a lock up, breaking the vehicle's cable and increased wear on the VW speedometer shaft and housing unit. For example, a repaired Volkswagen Jetta speedometer can save you significantly versus buying a new one.

We have commonly found that multiple Volkswagen models, such as VW Bora, Passat, and Sharan have pixel failures over time. Most often it impacts the larger red LCD that is located in the middle of the dashboard speedometer cluster. When you choose DDI, VW radio and speedometer repair is fast and efficient due to our many years of skilled and exceptional experience.


We offer affordable prices that Volkswagen car, truck, and SUV owners have come to rely on. We supply only quality parts combined with and a broad knowledge base that save you the cost of time. By offering the right part and a part that performs well, when you bring your Volkswagen speedometer problems to us, you will save money it the long run. Our service includes meticulous detail where it is needed at a cost you can afford.


We know what it means to count of reliable transportation. You will enjoy the benefits of our efficient and accurate parts and processes that are designed to lower your down time while we tend to your VW's maintenance and repair needs. We will stop and answer your questions throughout the repair; our clients rely on us for the education they need to be safe on the road.


Having your speedometer parts in-hand when you need it makes it possible to complete your auto repair quickly and with precision during your first effort! D & D Instruments has established an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality Volkswagen speedometer parts with the personalized service that you deserve. We are efficient because we know and love what we are doing. For example: when time and quality matter, we know how to remove VW modules (example EIS module) correctly when needing to program the odometer so the time some need for any second guessing or attempts is eliminated.


Many Volkswagen owners are passionate about their means of transportation and the long-standing positive reputation VW's have. When you need a quick response time, we are the Volkswagen auto parts provider that will get you back behind the wheel in record time. If you find it a driving passion to own a Volkswagen and want to keep it in premium condition, we can partner together and take care of it. Our expertise is the repair and sale of mechanical and electronic speedometers, gauges, clocks and more for Volkswagens and other autos.


* Air-cooled VW Speedometer adjustment
* VW Speedometer Reprogramming
* Volkswagen speedometer sensor replacement
* Odometer and Mileage Correction Services
* VW Immobilizer Repair/Replacement clusters and keys
* Repair broken or stuck VW instrument needles
* Digital Volkswagen odometer and mileage correction services
* Easy to add the white brilliance of new LEDs
* Repair automotive clocks, including VW quartz conversions
* VW speed sensor cleaning
* Volkswagen speedometer calibration


* * Fixing VW Immobilizer signal Instrument cluster if it fails to start
* Repair Volkswagen Jetta Instrument cluster when it receives weak or no power
* Repair VW Jetta Ignition lights work if working intermittently or not at all
* VW Jetta instrument when gauges send the driver incorrect readings

We provide exceptional VW car speedometer repairs and speedometer services; DDI  will proudly service your speedometer instrument cluster repair project to your complete satisfaction. Schedule services for your Volkswagen cluster speedometer repair easily on the Internet and take advantage of our specials! Browse our site or give us a call and we'll help you out. We help fix speedometers on many additional vehicle types as well; for example, here is where you will find speedometers for Kenworth trucks.

We look forward to being your auto repair and service provider of choice for your Volkswagen speedometers. Click here to contact us, or give us a call at 888.208.5664.

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Volkswagen Speedometer Repair

Rebuild and Repair Volkswagen Jetta Speedometers

Whether you are looking for a Volkswagen speedometer calibration, Volkswagen instrument cluster service, a Volkswagen Truck Routan speedometer, a Volkswagen Passat instrument cluster repair, or a Volkswagen Golf R32 Instrument cluster rebuild, we can solve your VDO problems.

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