If you are in need of a GM speedometer repair, it is wise to get it done right away. Many people put their repair off because the car runs fine without it being done. Some drivers even get so used to driving without a speedometer that they can gauge how fast they are going without one. Problems can arise if your car does not have a functioning speedometer, however, so it is a good idea to get this repair done as quickly as possible.

Avoid Tickets

The most important reason to go through with a GM speedometer repair is to avoid speeding tickets. When you cannot tell how fast you are going, you run the risk of getting pulled over every time you leave the house. This is especially important if you drive through construction or school zones, since you are putting others in danger and could receive a much higher fine. Keep in mind that you can sometimes get out of a ticket if your speedometer is not functioning properly, although you will have to get it repaired right away if this is the case.

Insurance Claims

Many times, if you are involved in a traffic incident, your speed is brought into question. In these cases, you should be able to let your insurance company know how fast you were going when the accident occurred. If your speedometer was not working at the time of the accident, there is no way that you can accurately say how fast your vehicle was traveling, which could make your at fault for the accident. While you can hire an accident scene reconstruction firm to determine your speed, this is an expensive venture and it might not even help you if it is determined that you were speeding.

Selling Your Vehicle

Before you can sell your vehicle, you must have a working speedometer. For starters, it is highly unlikely that someone will purchase the car if this device is not working, since it makes the vehicle more dangerous to drive. In addition, dealerships will penalize you greatly if you attempt to trade-in a vehicle with a broken speedometer, so it is wise to have it in working condition before trying to make a sale.