Locating a reputable company that specializes in auto cluster repair and rebuilding can be a challenge. Once you know what to look for, however, the right company isn’t hard to find. Accordingly, it’s important to rely on expert repair technicians, rather than settle for a less experienced company or simply attempt to fix the issue yourself. Auto cluster repair professionals, such as those at D&D Instruments, complete training and earn certifications to repair issues such as malfunctioning speedometers, lack of backlighting, broken odometers and more.

Well-Practiced Specialists

When choosing the right technician to repair your auto cluster, experience and know-how are absolute must-have qualities. It’s always an excellent idea to inquire as to how many auto cluster repairs a company completes per year, and pay close attention to the extensiveness of their knowledge and sureness. Experienced companies, such as D&D Instruments, will have your repairs completed correctly the first time and within a speedy time window.

Fair Rates & Warranties

The costs of auto cluster repairs tend to fluctuate, depending on the company. It’s always a good idea to avoid companies that try to pressure you into purchasing a new cluster, rather than simply repairing the issue. At D&D Instruments, we’ll evaluate and repair or rebuild your auto cluster for an affordable rate and at half the price of a replacement. Additionally, it’s a good idea to aim for technicians that provide sensible warranties. In many cases, it’s best to avoid companies that offer lifetime warranties, as new auto clusters typically have one year warranties.

Repairs vs. Replacement

In many instances, it’s in a driver’s benefit to have their auto clusters repaired rather than replaced. Once you’ve found a company that offers experience and affordability, you’ll likely enjoy a number of advantages and savings when you opt for a rebuilt/repaired cluster, such as:

  • Considerable savings, usually between 50% and 60%
  • Your repaired cluster will be completed in days rather than weeks
  • Decreased risk of a new cluster not functioning properly
  • No need for programming, which can cost upwards of around $100
  • Used replacements don’t normally come with suitable warranties
  • Repaired clusters retain the same look and feel as the originals