Are you in need of gauge replacement or repair for your vehicle? Relying on experienced professionals to complete any necessary repairs and upgrades for you will undoubtedly save you time and money. No one enjoys having to schedule another appointment to repair an auto part that should have been fixed correctly the first time. At D&D Instruments, we assist our customers with selecting new gauge models or repairing existing ones. Instead of relying on a sub-par company, our specialists will get it right for you the first time, preventing the aggravation of unneeded future issues.


In Capable Hands

In essence, gauges are instruments used for measuring the magnitude of something, be it speed, pressure, capacity, or otherwise. In automobiles, gauges typically appear on dashboards in the form of speedometers, fuel and temperature gauges, and tachometers. Over time, gauges can begin to lose their accuracy and calibration, which can present problems for drivers. The trained professionals at D&D Instruments offer a lengthy list of different gauge models and designs, and repairs broken or malfunctioning automotive gauge and auto clusters quickly and efficiently.

Need for Accuracy

Choosing only the best, most experienced professionals to provide solutions to your automotive issues, regardless of how small, is always a smart route. Despite the small size of most automotive gauges, the roles they play are vital to maintaining safety and an operational vehicle. Gauges keep drivers informed regarding their driving speed, fuel levels, RPM, and more. For example, a malfunctioning speedometer can cause a driver to be ticketed for speeding, or a broken fuel gauge can lead to a breakdown. Qualified technicians understand the importance of accuracy, and can fix and upgrade problematic gauges.

Leave It to a Technician

To save money, many drivers often attempt to fix broken parts on their vehicles themselves. This isn’t always recommended, especially when it comes to gauges. Automotive gauge and cluster repair technicians receive and earn specialized training and certifications, and know how to get the job done properly. Even simply removing a gauge requires knowledge and skill, let alone recalibrating and restoring one. Attempting to fix a gauge without professional assistance may only lead to steeper repair bills and greater hassle for you.