Whether you are looking for a new cluster or a remanufactured instrument gauge, finding a trusted gauge service is key.

The gauges on your car tell you a lot about the vehicle. All of these gauges have a specific job and when even one of them is not functioning properly, it makes the vehicle less safe to operate. These gauges also tell you about the health of the vehicle, as you will sometimes see a light if something is not working properly. Overall, it is very important that you keep your instrument cluster functioning properly and if something does go wrong, you should immediately contact a gauge repair service to help.

Fuel Levels

One of the most important gauges on your dash is your fuel meter, as you would not want to run out of gas. If your meter is not functioning properly, you could end up driving somewhere at night while thinking that you have plenty of fuel, only to run out along the way. This puts you and your family in danger, so it is a good idea to get your gas gauge fixed right away if something goes wrong.

Checking Your Speed

Another important gauge that you will find on your dash is the speedometer. When this device stops functioning, it can be very difficult to tell how fast you are going. A single speeding ticket could end up costing you more than the gauge repair service would have, so you should get the repair done right away to prevent this expense.


Your odometer keeps track of how far the car has traveled over its lifetime. If this gauge stops working, you could see your vehicle’s value decrease considerably, as buyers will have no idea how many miles are on the car. This is one reason why you should repair your auto gauges, rather than replacing the entire instrument cluster, as replacing it with a used odometer will give an inaccurate reading. It is illegal to do this without having the proper documentation, so keep this in mind if you choose to replace your cluster.

Other Gauges

Gauges on your dash that you will need to keep functioning include the check engine lights, the tachometer, the voltmeter, and the oil pressure gauge. If these gauges do not work properly, you might not know if something is wrong with your car until it is too late.

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